Demographic Update Form

Enrollment Procedures


New Registrations

All students enrolling in a public school in Hawaii for the first time are required to present the following documents and forms when registering:

  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE (translated into English, if necessary) In addition, children born outside of the United States will need a PASSPORT. Children who are not U.S. citizen will need to provide their VISA.

  • DOE FORM 14, a completed health record to verify a physical examination and all required immunizations have been completed.

  • TUBERCULIN (“TB”) clearance (Mantoux skin test or X-ray) within one year before school entry. (United States)

  • HEPATITIS B VACCINE: Three shots completed, or proof that student is on a schedule to receive the 3 shots.

Required documents for registering your child at Kahala Elementary School

If Kahala School is your home school (which means you and your child physically reside in the Kahala School district), proof of residence is required. You must provide all the appropriate documents of proof listed below.



Residing with Second Party

Property tax assessment

Rental agreement

Notarized letter from the second party

Utility bill

Utility bill

Utility bill of the second party

Property tax assessment for the second party or rental agreement between the first and second party

NOTE: Post office boxes are not acceptable as proof of residence.

Families may apply for a geographic exemption (G.E.) to attend Kahala Elementary School if they do not reside within the geographic boundaries of our school.